Eka in sanskrit means one. however the designers of this label describe it as one of a kind product for women, who wear their heart on the sleeves and attitude in their clothes.

The collection attempts to transcend boundaries of shape, age and race to offer universally adaptable clothing ideas. The fashion statement thus created is unique, ageless and indivisulatic.

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted, in traditional indian handwoven textiles, creating unique styles that echo an ska way of living: light and easy, pure in form, organic in substance.

The collection explores indian sustainable textile techniques, handmade i smaller craft sectors in india, to create contemporary seasonal collections. the inspiration is authenticity in nature, people and places.Its uncomplicated palette allows texture, fabrics and silhouette play, creating universally clean ethos.

The silhouettes created were quite voluminous. Cloth gathered in folds and created wide space with ease of movement. The overall look was quite comfortable yet powerful with stoles gathered around the neck in volume. Woollen as well as light weighted fabric were used together in perfect amalgamation. Overall, EKA brought alive a great concept with was quite appreciated.