Why do I think handmade soap is good?

When it comes to skin care products and cleaning products, everyone knows that chemical synthetic facial cleansing products are likely to damage the skin’s keratin and granular layers, and even dissolve the protein at the bottom of the skin. If you think there is no irritation, then long-term use. ,
Found to be very different, will be chronically poisoned.
When did you start? We use the best big-name cleansing, but there are still blackheads with acne, and slowly found that the skin began to be sensitive redness…
Many people are always looking for the reason. Is it a weak acid wash? still is? When it is safe to face the skin in countless propaganda, it is why our skin is not as strong as it was in childhood.
It feels good when it is weakly pickled. The slow sebum film is eroded by weak acid. For a moment of washing, the slow sebum film becomes thinner and thinner. . . .
A product that can be placed in a store and how many things need to be placed to satisfy everyone?
Such as cleansing. It is not easy to fill without thickeners and emulsifiers. You can’t get a bubble without a foaming agent. If you don’t have a surfactant, you will feel spicy when you wash. If you don’t have a fragrance, you will smell uncomfortable. How to store without preservatives and antibacterial agents…
And all of this is a chemical product, and an antibacterial agent can cause the skin to be fragile and inflamed, let alone something else…

Handmade rice soap
Cold handmade soap is made of pure vegetable oil such as olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil in the process of soap making. It also uses special moisturizing oil such as wheat germ oil and jojoba oil containing vitamin E. Deeper nourishment of the skin. It does not heat during the manufacturing process, so it does not destroy the nutrients added to the handmade soap. Give the skin a natural care when it is clean~~!

Pure natural vegetable oil
The skin on the face is exposed to sunlight, air, and dust for a long time. In addition, cosmetics with more chemical components are often used, so thorough cleaning and maintenance are required. Handmade soap is chemical-free, 100% natural cleansing and moisturizing. It is a cold botanical soap suitable for your skin. Personally, it is the best facial cleansing care product. It can replace any expensive cleansing lotion and cleansing oil.
Of course, if you have MM with very sensitive skin, remember to choose a cold soap specially formulated for sensitive skin. Have the mildest formula, such as horse oil.

Green tea handmade soap
The origin of handmade soap is in Europe. The cold soap made by the ancient method refers to the saponification in the normal temperature environment during the production process. The whole process is only for the temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. This method can avoid the loss of oil due to high temperature. Nutrients and the deterioration of certain oils occur. At the same time, in this process, there is a skin care effect, and the produced glycerin (about 20% or more) remains in the soap body.
The whole process of production needs to waste a lot of time. For example, some soaps must be manually stirred for several hours or even ten hours. After the soap liquid is thickened, it will wait for more than 48 hours before the mold is released. Waiting to mature.

Oh, at this time, you can not use it, you can use it. This hand-made soap is like an old tofu. It needs to be ventilated at a certain temperature for more than one month before it can be used. This period is very long. Important, because in this month or more, the soap can react slowly, the initial alkali and natural oils slowly saponify, and then the soap + natural glycerin is wonderfully formed.
Don’t underestimate this glycerin, it is an important substance added to many skin care products. Because of its good moisture absorption performance, it will automatically absorb the moisture in the air, which is beneficial to the skin’s moisturizing.
If the handmade soap is added to the natural botanical herbal extract during the production process, it will feel extraordinarily refreshing and moisturizing, so that the soap is less irritating to the skin.